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Hail Damage Roof Repair Services in Logan and Layton, UT

Utahns are all too familiar with the state’s dramatic weather events. Hailstorms are especially damaging to homes throughout the area. If you require roof repair services due to hail damage to your Logan or Layton home, Skabelund Roofing is the team you can trust. Our skilled roofing professionals have the experience and knowledge to provide comprehensive repair or total roof replacement to protect you and your family. Are you prepared to deal with the aftermath of a hailstorm? Learn more about how hail can damage your home’s roof, and then contact our team after the next hailstorm for a roof assessment.

A close-up of hail damage on a roof in Utah

How Does Hail Damage Your Home?

Hail stones can be as small as a marble or as big as a golf ball. Regardless of the size, they can wreak havoc on your home, particularly the roof. The size of the hail stones and the force of the impact can lead to a wide variety of damage to your home’s roof. Homeowners with older roofs are particularly vulnerable. The common signs of hailstorm damage are not always immediately apparent from the ground level. Some common forms of roof damage include the following:

  • Punctures or Tears in the Roof Materials
  • Bruised or Cracked Shingles
  • Torn Roof Flashing
  • Damaged Gutters
  • Granule Loss

Timely Hail Damage Roof Repair Is Critical for Your Home

It’s essential to inspect your home’s roof immediately following a hailstorm accurately. Assuming your roof weathered the storm can lead to unexpected and more costly issues, such as water damage in the future. An experienced and insured roofing company can assess the condition of your roof and can recommend the necessary services to protect your home. Quick action ensures that the roof is functioning as it should and can prevent secondary issues that may occur because of storm damage.

What Should I Do After a Hailstorm?

It’s crucial for homeowners to be proactive immediately following a hailstorm. However, for many homeowners, climbing a ladder and inspecting the roof, especially in wet conditions, is a dangerous idea. Homeowners can take several steps to ensure their roof’s structural integrity hasn’t been compromised immediately following a hailstorm. Follow these steps to determine the extent of the damage:

  • Inspect the property for physical signs of damage, such as missing, loose, dented shingles or torn flashing. Document any damage you notice and keep notes. The information will be valuable if you need to file an insurance claim.
  • Next, contact your insurance company. There’s a good chance many property owners will do the same, so be patient. It’s essential to understand your policy’s coverage details and any applicable deductibles.
  • At the same time, you should contact a local roofing professional to assess your roof. The licensed and experienced roofing professionals at Skabelund Roofing can provide a more accurate assessment of your home’s roof. We can also work with your insurance company to ensure a seamless claims process.

Do I Need Roof Repair or Replacement?

Determining whether you require roof repair or replacement is a decision that should be made with the guidance of a professional roofer. Factors to consider include the roof’s age, the damage’s extent, and the cost comparison between repairs and replacement. Newer roofs with localized damage may only require spot repairs, while older roofs with widespread damage may need to be replaced entirely.

Choose Us For Hail Storm Roof Repair

Skabelund Roofing has served homeowners in Layton and Logan, UT and the surrounding communities, including Bear River, Brigham City, North Ogden, Ogden, Perry, South Ogden, South Weber, and Tremonton for over 25 years. You can trust our team to thoroughly and accurately assess your home’s roof after a hailstorm. Throughout our years of service, we’ve developed a comprehensive plan to protect your home and family and provide peace of mind. After the next hailstorm, contact our team to schedule your roof inspection and repair services.

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