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Roof Installation and Gutter Replacement FAQs

Your home’s roof and gutter systems work together to protect your property from the damaging effects of water. The contractors at Skabelund Roofing can answer questions about our roof installation and gutter replacement services in Logan and Layton, UT. Understanding the crucial roles these systems play is essential for any home or business owner. As your local expert, we believe it’s important for our customers to be informed about our services, their benefits, and our process so they have the knowledge to make the best possible decision for their property. Learn more about roofing and gutters services, then contact us today for an assessment.

A hand drawing a roof structure

How Often Should I Schedule a Roof Inspection?

Your home’s roofing system is specifically designed to prevent rainwater and melted snow from entering your home or commercial property. However, minor damage or improper installation can cause a vulnerability in the system, leading to water damage, mold, and mildew. A routine inspection allows our team to identify issues early before they develop into more significant and costly problems. Our skilled and experienced roofing professionals offer comprehensive inspection services to ensure the structural integrity of your roof. Learn more about the factors property owners should be aware of when determining if they require a roof inspection:

  • Roof Age – Older roofs are much more prone to damage. As your roof ages, you should increase the frequency of inspections.
  • After a Storm – Heavy winds and significant rain can accelerate roof damage. It’s a good idea to schedule an inspection after a storm.
  • Annual Inspection – We recommend an annual roof inspection regardless of the age or condition of the roof.
  • Buying or Selling – The roof condition is one of the biggest deciding factors before purchasing a home or commercial property.

What Are the Signs That I Need a New Roof Installation?

Most property owners don’t often consider the condition of their roof until water begins leaking through. However, there are numerous apparent indications a roof replacement service is necessary. Home and business owners should look out for the following signs:

  • Age – Most Roofs have a lifespan of 20-25 years, depending on the material. If your roof is reaching the end of its life, it’s time to consider a tear-off and re-roofing service.
  • Excessive Granule Loss – Granules are added to asphalt shingles to help maintain their durability. However, as your roof ages, they begin to wash off and end up in your gutter downspout.
  • Missing Shingles – Your home’s roof is a sealed system. A single missing shingle can compromise the whole roof. Sometimes, repair is enough to fix your roof. However, roof replacement may be considered too.

How Long Will My Roof Replacement Take?

When it comes to your home or commercial building’s roof, timing is crucial. When you choose us for your roof replacement, we’ll take the time to conduct a thorough assessment to provide you with an accurate and honest timeframe. Typical roof replacements can take anywhere between a couple of days to an entire week. Some of the most significant factors we consider when determining the project timeline include the following:

  • Roof Complexity and Slope
  • Potential Damage
  • Size of the Roof
  • Weather
  • Material

What Roofing Materials Are Available?

Choosing a roofing material has just as much to do with style as it does functionality. Home and business owners can choose from a wide variety of roofing material types, each with their own pros and cons. Some of the most popular types of roofing materials available on the market include the following:

How Often Do My Gutters Need Cleaning?

Gutter maintenance is often overlooked for what homeowners consider more significant home maintenance projects. However, hiring a professional gutter cleaning company can help you save money throughout the lifetime of your home. We recommend gutter cleaning at least once every year. If you live in an area where debris accumulates more rapidly, you may need a bi-annual cleaning.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Gutters?

Over time, your gutters can become damaged due to corrosion and wear. There are several ways in which you can extend the life of your home or office gutter system, including the following:

  • Schedule Routine Cleanings
  • Trim Tree Branches
  • Check for Rust or Corrosion
  • Install Gutter Guards

What Are the Benefits of Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters offer several advantages over their sectional counterparts, making them popular for homeowners and commercial property owners. Since seamless gutters are manufactured from one continuous piece of material, there are fewer joints and seals, which are the common points where leaks can occur in traditional gutters. Additionally, seamless gutters are custom-fitted to the exact dimensions of your property, ensuring a precise fit for your home or office.

Learn Even More About Our Gutter and Roofing Services

Have you been overlooking your property’s most significant defense against rainwater? We can help. Skabelund Roofing is the roofing and gutter service company property owners throughout Logan and Layton, UT trust for comprehensive water management solutions. Our licensed roofing team has access to high-quality materials and the proper equipment to tackle any project. If your roof or gutter system needs repair or replacement, we can help. Get started with a project estimate today.