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Get the Perfect Roofing From Skabelund Roofing 

At Skabelund Roofing, we are proud of our work on the roofs in Logan and Layton, Utah. You will realize this when you see our 30 years of experience put towards protecting and beautifying the roof of each customer’s home. Roofing is a trade that is best learned from practice. Our founder, Martin Skabelund, learned how to roof from his father, who was also a professional roofer. You can see generations worth of craftsmanship in our work.

See Our Work

Our work speaks for itself. Take a moment to see what we’ve done for homes and businesses in the area. By seeing some of our roofing jobs from the past, you can also start gathering ideas for what you want your roof to look like. When it’s time to replace or repair your roof, you can know that you’re in good hands with Skabelund Roofing.

Our Mission Is to Protect and Beautify Your Home

We perform all of our work with one goal in mind: protecting and beautifying your home. After working on a roof, we take pride in knowing that your home is protected from weather damage. Even more importantly, we want to make your home look as charming as possible. A new roof can give a house a completely updated look when you choose the right style of shingles and arrange them properly.

Our Roofing Services Are Unmatched

Our work covers a wide range of roofing services. If you need us to tear off your old roofing and replace it, we can do that. Our team can help you, whether you want to find stylish asphalt shingles that complement your home or a metal roof that will hold up to harsh weather. We can also inspect your roof for leaks and repair them without replacing your entire roof. Our commercial clients love the roofing we install for them just as much as our residential clients. Whether a business or a home, we have the perfect roofing for you.

Skabelund Exteriors and Skabelund Rain Gutters

Our roofing work has provided so many families with a high-quality shelter over their heads that we have extended our services into several other areas. We have two other teams to help you with your home’s exteriors and rain gutters. Skabelund Exteriors is a top-notch team of siding experts. Our vinyl siding work can make your home look brand new. Skabelund Rain Gutters is the go-to team for installing gutters and soffit. It is often a good idea to replace your gutters along with your roof. This way, they age at the same rate. With us, you can do it all with one team.

Start Working with a Professional Roofing Team Today

If you need a new roof installed or repaired, no team is better than the Skabelund Roofing team. We have roofers you can trust. When we work on your roof, we provide excellent service. You won’t have to worry about us completing the work on time. You won’t’ find a mess left in your yard when we leave. Most importantly, you won’t recognize your house when we finish your roof. To start fixing up your roof today, call us or fill out our roofing contact form here.

We Take Quality to New Heights